Sunday, 19 February 2017

Patisserie Valerie ~ A pleasant encounter.


The last few weeks have been a little bit overwhelming; feeling out of sorts and full of cold.  Fed up of feeling sorry for myself, I ventured to the new Patisserie Valerie, to pick up a little treat to cheer myself up.




As you can imagine, the biggest problem I had was choice.  I knew that I wanted something to take away, rather than sit in the cafe, which looked very pretty.


Upon entering Patisserie Valerie I walked to the counter to peruse their delicious looking cakes.  Whilst pondering my choices, a lady behind the counter approached me asking what I would like.  I explained my dilemma and she very pleasantly talked me through the delights of each cake and tart to me.  I decided on the Tarte au fraises.  It looked delicious.  The lovely lady asked if I would like it boxed with a pretty ribbon,  of course I said yes, with a big smile.  She then asked if I had every tried the tarte before, to which I replied, 'No' and she suggested that upon my return I should let her know what my thoughts were.  Truthfully, just the mere look of it was enough.  


On a day when I wasn't feeling too great, the lady in Patisserie Valerie helped me to feel much better.  I will return to let her know how it was.... delicious by the way....  and maybe sample another cake or gateaux.  For now, I am just grateful for the unexpected, pleasant encounter that I experienced that day.  It cheered me up no end..... and so did the tarte.




I would highly recommend that if you were in the area, you should check it out. I hope to return soon with my girlfriends for a little afternoon tea and sample some more delights.

Love Sarah XOXO 

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