Sunday, 19 February 2017

Patisserie Valerie ~ A pleasant encounter.


The last few weeks have been a little bit overwhelming; feeling out of sorts and full of cold.  Fed up of feeling sorry for myself, I ventured to the new Patisserie Valerie, to pick up a little treat to cheer myself up.




As you can imagine, the biggest problem I had was choice.  I knew that I wanted something to take away, rather than sit in the cafe, which looked very pretty.


Upon entering Patisserie Valerie I walked to the counter to peruse their delicious looking cakes.  Whilst pondering my choices, a lady behind the counter approached me asking what I would like.  I explained my dilemma and she very pleasantly talked me through the delights of each cake and tart to me.  I decided on the Tarte au fraises.  It looked delicious.  The lovely lady asked if I would like it boxed with a pretty ribbon,  of course I said yes, with a big smile.  She then asked if I had every tried the tarte before, to which I replied, 'No' and she suggested that upon my return I should let her know what my thoughts were.  Truthfully, just the mere look of it was enough.  


On a day when I wasn't feeling too great, the lady in Patisserie Valerie helped me to feel much better.  I will return to let her know how it was.... delicious by the way....  and maybe sample another cake or gateaux.  For now, I am just grateful for the unexpected, pleasant encounter that I experienced that day.  It cheered me up no end..... and so did the tarte.




I would highly recommend that if you were in the area, you should check it out. I hope to return soon with my girlfriends for a little afternoon tea and sample some more delights.

Love Sarah XOXO 

Monday, 13 February 2017

A Lush~cious Valentines Treat.

Treating yourself or a loved one to a relaxing night in?  Valentines Day is just around the corner and whether you are enjoying it solo or with a loved one, you deserve to be pampered.  This year for the first time ever I bought some Lush products. 

The first gorgeous product I bought was the limited addition, lip scrub.... The Kiss.  This was specifically made for Valentines Day.  It is beautiful, bright and pink, very Valentines.  I'm not sure about you, but during the winter months my lips become very dry and rough.  In other words, not very kissable; which is not a good thing, especially on Valentines Day.  

Yesterday, I scrubbed my lips with The Kiss and let me tell you they instantly became soft and smooth.  Some of the ingredients in this scrub contain: Sea Salt, Organic Cocoa Butter and Caster Sugar.  You pop a little on your finger and rub your lips.  It's ok to lick the excess off too, as it tastes good, like edible sugar candy.  It polishes your lips to perfection and I'm sure mine looked more plump afterwards.  The sequinned red hearts give the scrub a lovely whimsical feel.  

Whilst in Lush I also treat myself to a Cupid Bath Bomb.  'Cupid draw back your bow and let your arrow flow....' This incredible smelling heart will have you and your loved one basking in a relaxing bath in no time.  The bath bomb is beautiful to look at and as it dissolves it leaves a shimmering frothy shade of pink.
It's very moisturising and the fragrance of rose petals, raspberry juice and bergamot oil is very subtle.  It will leave your skin super soft and ready for any cuddles you might receive later.


Sunday, 12 February 2017

Believe in yourself.

Five ways to live your life with no regrets.

1.  Follow Your Own Yellow Brick Road.

Too many people live their lives based on what other people think.  They disregard pursuing their hopes and dreams for fear of ridicule and judgement.  Don't let that be you!!  Enjoy your individuality, choose to be strong, don't listen to the naysayers.... dance proudly down the Yellow Brick Road to find your Emerald City.  Step into your dream and create the life you want.

2.  Always Be A First-Rate Version Of Yourself.

In the whole history of what ever was or what ever will be, there will never be another you....Ever!!  Believe in yourself, trust your instincts, think positively.  Put your best foot forward, refuse to compromise who you are and what you believe in.  Act with the utmost integrity, walk tall knowing you are doing the best you can in all circumstances.  Look after your health, your wealth and your loved ones.  Raise your personal standards, if needs be, to be someone who you trust implicitly, spread your wings and Fly.

3.  Appreciate The People You Love.

There is no escaping the fact that loved ones are not going to be here forever.  It's an unfortunate fact of life. Realise that no matter how much time, or how much you appreciate someone, or how much closeness you feel, it will never seem like you managed to spend enough time together.  Don't shy away from the people you love.  Open your heart honestly, tell them what you need to tell them, say the words, have the conversations, no matter how awkward or uncomfortable.  They will appreciate your honesty.  Leave a footprint on their heart.

4.  Live The Life You Love.

Before you know it you will be asking yourself the question, "Where did the time go?".  Life is over in a flash.  It is made up of a collection of moments that express happiness and sadness, each lived one second at a time.  Take the opportunity to figure yourself out, realise what you want out of life, take calculated risks, hold on tight to what you love.  What makes you, YOU!!  Work hard to make your dreams come true, grasp opportunities that come your way.  Look for signposts on your journey to show you, you are living a life that you love.  Life is shorter than you think.

5.  Step Up To The Plate.

When life get tough, the tough get going!!  If life doesn't challenge you, it won't change you.  As an individual, in order to live, we need to grow.  Putting one foot in front of the other, allows you to push through life's greatest challenges.  Trust that you are going to succeed, reach for your full potential and stay positive.  Forget the mistakes of the past and embrace the future.  Today is a new day, the first day of the rest of your life.  Spend today with no your truth!!

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